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Fencing & Maintenance

Garden fencing comes in a variety of styles and sizes, from overlap to decorative trellis. We also offer different styles, please ask for further information.

Closeboard Fencing – AKA Feather Edge

Closeboard is our strongest of all wooden fence materials, it will last for decades. We would usually construct this onsite from a kit. Each edge is butted edge to edge (overlapped).

Panel fencing

This style comes in a variety of widths and heights. Attached to vertical stiffeners these panels are secured to 6ft posts.


Usully 3-4ft high they are attached to 2 horizontal rails. The bottom pales are 2-3 inches from the ground to avoid rot. Great for front perimeters, small gardens or general bordering.

Post & rail fencing

Good for keeping in or something out this fencing is good for agricultural land. Usually erected using a combination of half round post and rails or full post and rails.

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Our key gardening benefits

Key Benefit of Service

  • Neat borders
  • No more shabby untidy fences
  • Posts all ready for the winter
  • Enclosed space