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Turf Laying & lawn services

Sometimes your lawn just won't get the results you expect, be it weeds or just the general lawn looks rough this is where our new turf laying services comes up trumps.

At a very competitive cost our turf will be ready and layed very quickly as apposed to you spending hrs & hrs on trying to achieve the perfect lawn/s.

If you have a patchy/weedy lawn or maybe your dog has destroyed the lawn and you require a new one please get in touch today.

R W landscaping & gardening services offer the following:

Clear site surface, ready for laying new turf. Removing old stones and garden waste, clearing existing grass areas.

Soil preparation, rotovating and loosening the soil to allow for a good flat surface for your turf.

Laying the turf.

Watering to help turf grow and establish itself.

Lawn cutting, generally rule of thumb is 4/5 weeks before first cut.

We lay either patches of lawn to replace dead or poor areas and full garden lawns, please ask for more details.

R W Landscaping offers a turf laying & lawn care service. Please get in touch with us today to get a quote from our team.


Key Benefit of Service

  • Fresh layed lawn
  • Lawn with no weeds
  • Beautiful grass areas
  • Rich healthy grass