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  • Weed control and clearing

Weed Control

Weeds grow rapidly if not controlled, from common annual weeds to the very invasive species such as the Japanese Knotweed, they can all cause massive problems if not dealt with.

We have a very professional landscaping team, fully trained in the use of pesticides and very knowledgeable in the controlling of weeds.

Our weed spraying is completed using only approved chemicals and in conjunction with full COSH Assessments and Risk + Method Statement controls.

So whether it's the regular garden weeds, weeds within grass and paths or even aquatic weeds, we have the complete solution to stop them getting out of control.

R W Landscaping & Gardening offers a specialist weed control service. Please get in touch with us today to get a quote from our team.


Key Benefit of Service

Keep a clear garden throughout the year

  • Garden clear of weeds
  • No more weeding
  • Less weeds
  • Tidy garden
  • Takes the work out of weeding